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Adaptivity & WorkBoard partnership

About WorkBoard

WorkBoard is a leading provider of enterprise strategy execution and OKR software, offering organization-wide alignment and accountability to companies across the globe.

Intel, VMware, Renault, AstraZeneca, National Grid, 3M, Workday, and many others rely on WorkBoard’s platform, playbook, and expertise to drive predictable, profitable strategy execution.

More than 15,000 people are certified in WorkBoard’s Outcome Mindset Methodology™ for OKR Coaching and fuel a vibrant community of strategy leaders.

Why Partners

The addition of WorkBoard to Adaptivity’s offerings is a testament to the growing need for organizations to improve alignment across business lines, departments and functions, and product teams to ensure that their strategic objectives are seamlessly translated into measurable results.

WorkBoard’s platform provides a scalable approach to aligning OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to enterprise strategies, facilitating efficient execution and accelerating business outcomes.

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Adaptivity ICAgile partnership logo

About ICAgile

ICAgile is a leading accreditation and certification body for agile training, dedicated to creating transformational learning that ignites agility across organizations.

Rooted in the belief that an organization’s journey toward business agility requires a shift to an empowered, human-centric culture, ICAgile’s mission is to foster creativity and innovation.

By providing formal, third-party quality assurance for agile courses and instructors, ICAgile ensures that its accredited programs are among the best in the industry.

Why Partners

The collaboration with ICAgile enables us to offer ICAgile-certified classes, ensuring that our training programs meet the highest standards of quality and rigor.

This partnership reflects our commitment to providing transformational learning experiences that drive agility across organizations.

By integrating ICAgile’s certifications into our training, we empower our clients with the skills and knowledge necessary to foster a human-centric culture that sparks creativity and innovation.

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